Protecting the rights of crypto community
We unite in community to get our funds back
Processes and actions
Our aim is to find a consensus between the investor and the issuer so that the affected investor can return its funds. In most cases, companies in difficult situations act in the interests of saving their own system, due to which the interests of investors are shifted to the background. Our community enables investors to have weight in the eyes of the issuer and influence decision-making to pay off debts to investors at first.
We can communicate directly with decision makers in companies, as well as send official letters to regulators to investigate the situation and, in some cases, file class actions. A separate direction will be the search for the assets of bankrupt firms in order to recover to repay the debt. Within our community, investors have the opportunity to choose options for resolving the situation and influencing the company using voting methods.
Direct settlement
Priority solution! Arrangement with the company to return funds to investors
Regulatory intervention
Regulatory investigation into the situation, protection of investors' interests
Class action
Return of funds to investors and protection of interests through the court
Companies would do well to communicate with investors by offering specific reasoned resolutions with deadlines. Our community will always give priority to resolving the issue through direct dialogue with the company, rather than through court decisions and appeals to regulators.
Below you can find the cases we are currently working on.
Gemini Earn
If you are affected by Gemini earn program, you can complete a short form to be listed. The larger the list, the more weight we have!
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Research program
Our team is initiating research on centralized systems reserves to study safety of customers funds under different crisis scenarios. The goal is to determine whether the reserves of exchanges have sufficient liquidity to issue customers funds under different variations of the bear cycle and "Bank runs".
If you have come across any case of non-compliance, write to us!